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Research papers cannot be taken lightly. It takes a lot of time to compose a decent work that will correspond to all the requirements. Sometimes the hours of research just don’t give the necessary results and that is when a paper writing service becomes extremely helpful.

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Highly Efficient Paper Writing Service

First of all, you have to choose the topic for your paper. This is an important step, because you need to understand how the work has to look in the end. All the requirements and instructions have to be provided for the service that is going to help you with your paper.

You will be informed on every stage of writing. The qualified writers will be writing a coherent paper, but until then a long research process has to be completed. You can either provide information and references to the service or the experts will research the topic for you. In any case, the best writer will be assigned for your particular task.

The main stages of writing any type of paper are:

1. Research. This is perhaps the trickiest part, as it requires a lot of time and maybe even a number of experiments, depending on the thesis. The more information the student will provide for the service at this stage, the quicker will be the result.

2. First draft. This is when all the necessary points are included in the work and sometimes it is required to provide the draft to your professor or instructor.

3. Final touches and improvements. There may be the need to add more data in the paper, or take some unnecessary information out of it.

What will you get by applying to the writing service?

The main benefit is that you will get a unique paper of high quality. You will get the full support and will be able to contact the service at any given time. Being in control of the process will be quite easy, but you also may just leave it to professionals to deal with the project from start to finish. Every writer, who works with the service, specializes in a particular academic level needs.

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How to write a sociology essay: definition of the statement, the urgency of the problem, argumentation of personal statement

The structure of sociology essay usually looks like this:

  1. Quotation.
  2. The problem raised by the author; its relevance.
  3. The meaning of the statement.
  4. Own point of view.
  5. Argumentation at the theoretical level.
  6. At least two examples from social practice, history and / or literature, confirming the correctness of the judgments.
  7. Conclusion.

Quote: choice of utterance

When choosing statements for sociology essay, you should be sure that:

  • you know the basic concepts of the basic science to which it relates;
  • clearly understand the meaning of the statement;
  • you can express your own opinion (fully or partially agree with the statement or refute it);
  • you know the social science terms necessary to correctly substantiate your personal position at the theoretical level (the terms and concepts used must be clearly consistent with the topic of the essay and not go beyond it);
  • you will be able to give examples from social practice, history, literature, as well as personal life experience to confirm your own opinion.

Definition of the problem statement

For a more precise formulation of the problem, we offer a list of possible formulations of problems that occur most often in sociology:

  • The ratio of objective and subjective factors affecting social processes.
  • The role of spiritual and material values in people’s lives.
  • Social inequality and struggle.
  • Maintaining the stability of public life.
  • Progressive change (progress) of the organization of society.
  • Regularities in the differentiation of male and female social roles.
  • Historically unequal relationships between men and women.
  • Specific qualities of the city.
  • The social nature of knowledge, thinking, and the activities of society.
  • Processes of communication between social groups.
  • Youth as a social community.
  • Features of socialization of generations entering into life.
  • Peculiarities of the way of life of young people.

Formation of life plans, goals and value orientations.

  • Social mobility.
  • Performing various social roles.
  • Science as a social institution.
  • Social functions of science.

The need to identify the urgency of the problem

After formulating the problem, it is necessary to indicate the urgency of the problem in modern conditions. To do this, you can use cliché phrases:

This problem is relevant in the context of…

  • …globalization of public relations;
  • …the formation of a single information, educational, economic space;
  • …aggravation of global problems of our time;
  • …a special contradictory nature of scientific discoveries and inventions
  • …the development of international integration;
  • …the modern market economy;
  • …development and overcoming of the world economic crisis;
  • …rigid differentiation of society;
  • …the open social structure of modern society;
  • …the formation of a rule-of-law state;
  • …overcoming the spiritual, moral crisis.

The formulation of the main idea of the utterance is very important

Next, we need to disclose the meaning of the statement, but do not repeat the verbatim statement. In this case, you can use the following clichés:

  • “The meaning of this statement is that…”
  • “The author draws our attention to the fact that…”
  • “The author is convinced that…”

The definition of your position to the statement

Here you can agree with the author completely, you can partially refute the specific part of the statement, or argue with the author, expressing the opposite opinion. You can use cliché phrases:

  • “I agree with the author that…”
  • “We cannot disagree with the author of this statement about…”
  • “The author was right in saying that…”
  • “In my opinion, the author quite clearly reflected in his statement the picture of modern Russia (modern society… the situation that has developed in society… one of the problems of our time)”
  • “I dare to disagree with the author’s opinion that…”
  • ” In part, I adhere to the author’s point of view on…, but with… I cannot agree”
  • “Are you above that…?”

Argumentation of one’s own opinion and the formation of an output

Next, one should justify his own opinion on this issue. For this, it is necessary to choose arguments (proofs), that is, to recall the main terms, theoretical positions.

The argument should be carried out on two levels:

  1. Theoretical level – its basis is social science knowledge (concepts, terms, contradictions, directions of scientific thought, interrelations, and opinions of scientists and thinkers).
  2. Empirical level – there are two possible options:
  • a) use of examples from history, literature and events in society;
  • b) recourse to personal experience.

The conclusion should not coincide verbatim with the judgment given for the justification: it brings together the one or two sentences of the basic ideas of arguments and sums up the arguments, confirming the correctness or incorrectness of the judgment that was the theme of the essay.

To formulate a problematic conclusion, cliché phrases can be used:

  • “Thus, one can draw a conclusion…”
  • “Summing up a general line, I would like to note that…”

Organization of work on dissertations

In the organization of work on the dissertation there can’t be a standard, a single rule, especially salutary prescriptions. Each researcher has his own “kitchen” of work. It is clear that this includes the selection of literature, the search for a documented published and unpublished archival material, the writing of the dissertation and its formulation. If any question becomes clear to the researcher, we must try to write it out in a preliminary version. You can recommend this style: in the afternoon in the library, archive to read, collect material, in the evening “in hot pursuit” to write out the fragments of the dissertation.

Experience also shows that the source material as well as the author’s workings, are better systematized for each item of the work plan. All the developments, at least at the initial stage, should be shown to the scientific leader, to develop a mutually acceptable style of presentation of the thesis material.

Dissertant together with the scientific supervisor determine the terms of work on each part of the thesis. They must be extremely rigid, requiring work for 10-12 hours a day. Otherwise it will be difficult to do a good job.

Planning work on the thesis should provide that the first version of the entire text of the thesis was submitted to the problem group of the department for 8-10 months before the proposed defense. This will allow the dissertation to be finalized and presented for discussion at the department no less than 3-4 months before the defense. If such terms are not met, there will be a rush, the competitor will end up in time trouble, and therefore the quality of scientific work will inevitably be lost.

Frankly speaking, only work organized, persistent, persevering, everyday can ensure the success of the business, one can’t expect some kind of inspiration, as is the case with literary men, but they also work a lot, sometimes without knowing rest, not arranging for themselves ” vacation “. But creative people really bring inspiration to creative results.

In organizing the independent work of a graduate student, it is crucial to balance the budget of his time so that not one day of postgraduate study is lost so that all possible time reserves are realized with maximum benefit.

Working plan for the dissertation research

The working plan is a detailed list of questions on the topic of each structural part of the dissertation, it is a collection of elementary, brought to the limit divisibility of particular problems to be solved, this is a kind of skeleton of a scientific work filled with problems that need to be solved.

All scientists from their own experience recommend writing the dissertation to make up its work plan, but there isn’t and, apparently, there can’t be a single approach to its drafting.

Initially, the work plan only in the main features contains the characteristics of the research, in the future it is refined and developed.

The work planning has an arbitrary form. As a rule, it is a rubric of questions that can be thought of in the thesis. Gradually, the work plan will turn into a plan-thesis prospectus, which is then transformed into a structural-factual scheme for the dissertation work. The work plan is creative, it shouldn’t impede the development of the researcher’s idea and intent.

The main core of the working plan is the construction of the dissertation on chapters, sections and paragraphs. Each independently researched question should be an organic part of the topic and allow to study it most fully, comprehensively, so that the work becomes a complete research. The names of chapters, sections and paragraphs, their number and volumes in the process of work can vary. The criterion here is primarily the availability of material.

Then the internal organization of each independent part of the project is developed, the number and nature of the questions to be explored, their sequence, logical connection, interdependence, subordination are determined.

The “splitting” of each part of the dissertation is a very difficult matter, especially at the beginning. It is difficult to find the limit when it is necessary to stop, as it is known that no one succeeded in embracing the immense. More often there are working plans, which have 10-50 points, or even more. On these “points” the researcher collects the material, reads the literature. These seem to penetrate into the consciousness of the researcher, and when he reads something, he forthwith perceives where and how this material should be deposited. Depending on the accumulation of material, some fadings are modified, others due to lack of material are closed, another become dominant.

Article review writing service

Evaluating an article you should keep in mind that criticism ought to be constructive and emotions should be left behind. To avoid insulting the author of the article, all your arguments have to be unbiased.


  • Define basic criteria of an article assessment.
  • Try to understand whether the author fully disclosed the article theme. If you aren’t an expert in this field, then you should study everything that had been written before. An interesting article should contain a fresh look on long existing issues.
  • If you have detected error or mistakes, you must mention them in your report, especially in case of a scientific article. Do not be afraid of being meticulous: check numbers, quotes and tables.
  • If you don’t understand something, do not be ashamed of asking for help. Do not skip unclear parts; figure out everything in order to receive a complete review.
  • Pay attention to the article style. Is it hard for perceiving or not?
  • Be concise. It is difficult to perceive a huge wealth of information.
  • Giving a general review, do you best to highlight obvious advantages and then you can switch to its disadvantages.
  • Be polite. Let the author know that you have no intention to insult him. Give valuable advice or tips on how to reveal the topic better. In that case, the author will take your remarks into consideration.

How to write an article review?

A review is analysis, assessment and judgment of any kind of work. Here are the basic requirements which are necessary for writing an article report:

  • Provide brief information about the author of the article.
  • Describe in detail your impressions, thoughts and emotions after reading the article.
  • Emphasize strengths and weaknesses of the article using examples.
  • Give a brief summary of positive elements.
  • Be polite and tactful.

As you can see, it isn’t that difficult to write a good article review, but if you still find it challenging then article review writing services will definitely help you a lot. There are plenty of reliable writing service websites offering assistance in any kind of writing challenges.

Descriptive essay writing service

A descriptive essay is quite a simple type of essay. The author has a wide range of tools to explain the theme to readers.

Here’s what you should know before writing a descriptive essay:

  • Try to understand the purpose of a descriptive essay. Its aim is to explain the topic. All you need to do is give a certain fact regarding the theme and disclose it using evidence. It is one of the easiest types of essay which you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you have to do is describe.
  • Select a good topic. A good theme has to be specific, but not too specific so that you are unable to find necessary information.
  • Find relevant material resources. The resources have to be reliable. Traditionally books and scientific magazines are the most suitable. Scientific, government and other reliable websites, newspaper articles are also a good choice.
  • Do research and take notes. Re-read all your resources marking important facts and write them down. Take down important dates, statistical information and quotes.
  • Figure out the meaning of everything. Before writing an essay, you should develop your own conclusions. Despite having to provide arguments, you ought to know what you are writing about.

The descriptive essay structure:

  • An introductory paragraph. The first sentence has to draw attention. Introduction is like a hook catching a reader’s attention. You can do it by presenting an interesting fact or a quote, ask a rhetorical question or offer a definition. Present some additional information on the theme. Provide your main ideas briefly in this part.
  • Main body. An essay usually consists of five paragraphs, but a descriptive essay may be longer. Start every sentence with mentioning something that has to do with your theme.

This sentence should contain proof which develop thesis. Analyze the importance of each main idea.

  • Conclusion. Summarize main ideas. The last sentence of a descriptive essay should contain one definitive statement regarding your topic.

Unfortunately, with a busy studying schedule not all students have time to write essays. That’s where essay writer services come in handy.  Writing an essay is creativity. It is also focused creativity. That’s why there are professionals who are able to help students in writing descriptive essays following all rules in order to create a unique essay which will definitely satisfy.

Expository essay writing service

First and foremost, let’s define what an expository essay is. An expository essay is a type of essay the purpose of which is to explain certain facts or ideas. This type of essay is an unbiased analysis of a subject. No writer’s opinions or thoughts are allowed. An expository essay is mainly focused on explaining the topic using examples, it doesn’t require deep research.

The main features of an expository essay are as follows:

  • The introduction of the thesis
  • Paragraphs with clear proof and examples illustrating your point of view
  • Paragraphs have to be connected in fascinating way
  • Summary highlights your main idea

How to write an expository essay?

First of all, you should plan your essay in advance. Concentrate on the main reason of writing it and what you hope to achieve. Then, you should think about your intended audience, always keep in mind things which refer to your readers. After that, all you need to do is collect your ideas. Try asking questions. Try listing things. Try free writing. As soon as everything is done – start writing. Make sure you are using reliable material resources.

Introducing your essay should always begin with a sentence that gets right into the topic. It should be clear and precise. While writing an essay, make sure you provide all needed information in order to make your readers understand the essay and its aim.

Expressing your main ideas is a crucial part which must be well-thought-out. An expository essay usually consists of five paragraphs. It should include three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence presenting the main idea. Provide vivid examples to support your point of view. Analysis of mentioned evidence is necessary, as well.

Summary is generalization of presented ideas. Avoid introducing any new information. It is advisable to offer a resolution or call for action.

Sometimes it happens that you have to write an expository essay but you have no idea how to start. That’s where expository essay writing services come to the assistance. There are plenty of them offering exclusive and high – quality essays written by professionals who know all pitfalls of writing them.