Descriptive essay

Descriptive essay writing service

A descriptive essay is quite a simple type of essay. The author has a wide range of tools to explain the theme to readers.

Here’s what you should know before writing a descriptive essay:

  • Try to understand the purpose of a descriptive essay. Its aim is to explain the topic. All you need to do is give a certain fact regarding the theme and disclose it using evidence. It is one of the easiest types of essay which you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you have to do is describe.
  • Select a good topic. A good theme has to be specific, but not too specific so that you are unable to find necessary information.
  • Find relevant material resources. The resources have to be reliable. Traditionally books and scientific magazines are the most suitable. Scientific, government and other reliable websites, newspaper articles are also a good choice.
  • Do research and take notes. Re-read all your resources marking important facts and write them down. Take down important dates, statistical information and quotes.
  • Figure out the meaning of everything. Before writing an essay, you should develop your own conclusions. Despite having to provide arguments, you ought to know what you are writing about.

The descriptive essay structure:

  • An introductory paragraph. The first sentence has to draw attention. Introduction is like a hook catching a reader’s attention. You can do it by presenting an interesting fact or a quote, ask a rhetorical question or offer a definition. Present some additional information on the theme. Provide your main ideas briefly in this part.
  • Main body. An essay usually consists of five paragraphs, but a descriptive essay may be longer. Start every sentence with mentioning something that has to do with your theme.

This sentence should contain proof which develop thesis. Analyze the importance of each main idea.

  • Conclusion. Summarize main ideas. The last sentence of a descriptive essay should contain one definitive statement regarding your topic.

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